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The association in english in a nutshell!

The rest of the site is in French. Hey, what did you expect ?  

We are looking for motivated singers that want to join our association to learn French but most of all to enjoy singing together and to make progress each person at it's own pace. 

We offer 3 options :


Level: beginner and advanced


These training sessions are for amateur or professional singers that are looking to improve specific parts of their vocal technique, but als for 'rookie' singers that want to discover and explore the sensations and the possibilities of their voice. 

Both children and adults are welcome.

The approach of this vocal technique is based on proprioception ( the perception of the senses of the body).

Virginie Catoire offers:

- work on the breathing, the pressure flexibility, the articulation, the resonators, the vibration, the interpretation, the rhythm and the harmony.

- She takes charge of every person individually with his or her singularity, to be able to allow that person to integrate the vocal gesture in the most comfortable way possible and by enjoying all the senses. 

– She also works on the use of the microphone for those people who are interested. 


The Individual training can be taken at the same time by small groups of up  to 4 people.​



Level: beginner and advanced

In these workshops Virignie works on three spearpoints in small groups of maximum 12 people.

a: The body - preparation through body exercise:  relaxation, opening up of the body, warming up of the voice followed up by exercises to be able to transfer this mechanism to the voice.

The breathing, vibration, articulation, resonance, pressure flexibility, rhythm.

b: Musical harmony : the singing of musical phrases and pieces in multiple voices and /or rhythmic complementarity to fine tune the musical ear and to experiment (gently) spontaneous improvisation. The goal being to acquire progressively an autonomy of the singer.

c: Interpretation: the singing of different pieces, on which each individual can try out some solos. Parts of music that will be worked on beforehand so as not to force anything and taking into account everybody's individual needs. 


Level: Advanced


The goal is to create a new dynamic choir that puts up  good performances. 


But most of all a choir where people come together and sing together and improve their singing abilities while working as a group with different voices. 

The Choir sings mostly a capella, and has a repertoire of French and foreign language songs. It goes from jazz, to soul  to French variety. 

Come on sign on and sing with us !!

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